Are You HGH Deficient?

What’s the deal with HGH? Why is it important and why should I care if I’m deficient? Great questions. Human Growth Hormone (HGH or GH for short) plays several important roles including the maintenance of lean body mass, promoting fat-burning, improving the cardiovascular system, as well as a few cognitive benefits.

From aerobic endurance to building lean muscle, GH is involved in quite a bit. And while Growth Hormone gets its name from its important role in childhood development, it’s purpose extends far into adulthood. Even through adult life, it remains one of the most abundant hormones in the pituitary gland.

But as we continue to age, GH production declines, which starts to produce unwelcome side effects. Low levels of GH have been associated with reductions in muscle mass and strength as well as an increase in body fat, especially belly fat. 

Additionally, there have been side effects of aging that have also been associated with a decrease in nighttime growth hormone secretion. These include a decrease in memory and cognitive function and sleep disorders. 

And while these declines only show an association between aging and low GH levels, it led to the assumed conclusion that replacing or stimulating GH could reverse some of the aging-related symptoms.

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